Gianni (Giovanni) Soleti was born in 1965 in Stuttgart, Germany to a Spanish mother and an Italian father. I grew up in a multicultural environment learning 3 languages and cultures from the very first year. I consider myself a multidisciplinary artist and have spent 4 decades exploring the plant. My first trip and adventure was a hitchhiking trip from Stuttgart, Germany to the Cote D’Azur, France when I was 15 years old. The Wanderslust immediately hooked me.

I was lucky enough to have a very knowledgeable art teacher at High School, who was also a professor at the art academy of Stuttgart. He introduced me into the abstract thought and the expressionism. Those were also the days when black and white photography and dark room development were common.

My next stop was Rome, Italy where I started to study architecture. Three years later I moved to Padova and continued my studies in Venice. Those were the days when deconstruction started in architecture. I continued to travel and shoot photos during my college years. I travelled extensively through Indonesia, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, and Europe. Hitchhiking was still a common way for your people to travel and this is how I crossed the US for the first time in 1989. The early 90s were also the years when the Internet, multimedia and digital photography were starting out. I was at the time a very experienced 3D artist.

I worked for a few years with my friend and mentor Toti Semerano where we would combine architecture and art. Toti had been an avid traveler in his young years driving twice from Italy to India in the 70s.  He influenced my in many ways. Architecturally, artistically, culturally and spiritually.  My years in Italy were also the years I dedicated to climb mountains and experience the world from a paraglider. Both were intense ways to experience the planet.


The Internet was becoming the next gold rush and I participated as a young entrepreneur only to have the bubble burst in my face in 2000. We had started an e-commerce company that never made it to the IPO. Regardless, I was in the tech-industry, which I never left. This is a very creative industry where people are constantly trying to find new ways of solving (or creating) problems.

I moved to the US in 2002, continued to work in the tech industry and eventually obtained a post-graduated degree in Finance. My brain was at this point divided into the mathematical part and the artistic part. I decided to go deep when I moved to Florida. There were no mountains and the depths of the oceans seemed to be the next challenge. I took an underwater photography class with explorer and artist Jill Heinerth. I started to travel with the motorcycle, which I still consider one if not the best way to travel and experience a country.


I continued my artistic education during the years in Italy and later in the US. I took classes in oil, acrylic, abstract and figure painting in Venice, Rome, Miami and at the art academy in San Francisco.


51 years later the passions are still the same: travel, adventure, motorcycles, as a mean to discover other cultures and people. Photography, videography and art to share this moments.

Gianni Soleti